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Cloud 9 Software Acquires ToothFairy LP

On August 1, 2022, Cloud 9 Software, the leading provider of cloud-based practice management systems for orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and dental/orthodontic service organizations, acquired ToothFairy LP, a revolutionary Customer Experience Management (CXM) software designed for the orthodontic industry. ToothFairy helps orthodontists optimize their sales pipeline and maximize returns by leveraging the personal insights of potential patients and best practices from other industries.

ToothFairy is the culmination of years of research and applying High-Reliability Organizational principles to orthodontic practice management. ToothFairy solves the five biggest problems facing orthodontists today: (1) losing patients to competition, (2) hiring and retaining talent, (3) winning new patients, (4) patient recalls falling through the cracks, and (5) leading and motivating teams.

Trude Henderson, founder of ToothFairy, has also joined Cloud 9 in the role of Director, Practice Growth Strategy. Says Henderson, “We are thrilled to complete our partnership with Cloud 9, a company that shares our commitment to providing customers with the modern solutions they need to help improve their competitive advantage, accelerate sales velocity, and better serve patients, thus enabling them to retain existing customers for generations to come and win new onessooner.”

Mike Ressel, CEO of Cloud 9 Software, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition. “The acquisition of ToothFairy represents Cloud 9’s on-going commitment to being the strategic platform of choice for practice growth and optimization. Enabling more starts and retaining talented staff have never been more critical to our customers’ success. We are delighted to extend ToothFairy’s game-changing capabilities to our valued customers.”

Cloud 9 customers will be able to add the new service to take advantage of the revolutionary CXM tools that enable practices to shorten the learning curve for new treatment coordinators, increase sales velocity, remove pipeline roadblocks, and prevent lost sale opportunities. The proprietary algorithm zeroes in on consumer buying motivations, differentiates “hot vs.cold” leads, and helps staff overcome objections with real-time coaching, scripting, and call to action buttons. Current users of ToothFairy have called the Recall Fall Protection™ system “the most robust and easy-to-use in the industry.”

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