E2.05 | Practice Management Spotlight: Cloud 9

Mike Ressel, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud 9 Software talks about their revolutionary web-based software that helps orthodontic practices run more efficiently and effectively. 

Featured guest

Mike Ressel | Chief Executive Officer, Cloud 9 Software


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A large part of running a successful practice is maintaining an accurate record of every patient, past and present. Over the last two decades, this process has evolved from shelves of hard-copy files and handwritten notes to online systems that allow for everything from digital payments to automatic appointment reminder texts.

If you’ve been in the industry for any amount of time, you’re probably familiar with the name Cloud 9. Today we’re talking to Cloud 9 CEO Mike Ressel about the solution that set the bar for web-based practice management software.

Key Takeaways
  • The importance of practice management systems
  • The benefits of imaging in the cloud
  • Why Cloud 9 Software
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