Applying the Rule of 7 to Your Orthodontic Practice

While the nuances of marketing strategies seem to be changing faster than ever in a rapidly changing world, there are some principles that remain tried and true. Since the 1930s, a marketing principle known as the “Rule of 7” has shaped the ways companies across the globe promote themselves and drive growth.

The Rule of 7 as a concept is remarkably simple. According to the Rule of 7, potential customers need to receive a message from a company at least seven times before they will take action and pay for that company’s products or services. This principle has stood the test of time, but effective application of the rule definitely looks different than it did almost 90 years ago.

You still need to make sure the messages you are sending to potential patients are solid, especially when it comes to marketing your orthodontic practice to millennials. There are several effective strategies you can use to market your orthodontic practice in the modern age using the Rule of 7.

Use Social Media

It should be a given that social media is part of your marketing strategy in today’s world. But simply having a social media page doesn’t bring in patients. Finding the right combination of frequency and quality content will allow users to come into contact with your orthodontic practice more often. The beauty of social media is it lends itself to fostering community, an essential element in promoting an orthodontic practice in your local market. Look for opportunities to build relationships with other businesses within your community who can syndicate your social media content or tag you in posts.

When users come into contact with your page or interact with your posts, engage with them in the comments section or direct messages, if appropriate, to create further positive experiences. Using promotions on social media that involve users tagging their friends is another great way to draw more attention to your social media pages and to interact with users.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing strategies have been shown to produce a very significant ROI on average, making them a crucial tool in promoting your orthodontic practice. Again, quality should be prioritized to keep your emails becoming spammy. Focus on providing the recipient of the email with a message that comes across as personal and genuine. Emailing blog posts that provide the reader with helpful information is another way to build trust without coming across as a blatant ad.

Start a Blog and Contribute to Other Blogs

One of the best ways to build credibility for your practice, while also using SEO strategies to help patients find your business, is by starting a blog. Blog posts should be published often and should target your market using strategic keywords. In addition to posting on your own blog, find publications that use guest blogs and reach out about contributing content. This can help get your name out there and increase your exposure.

Diversify Your Marketing Channels

As much as is practical for your practice, choose as many mediums as possible to get your message out there enough to reach potential patients 7 times. That means having pages on multiple social media platforms, using email campaigns, posting blogs, creating a Google My Business page, and using traditional mediums such as radio, print, or billboards. If you discover a new way to give your practice exposure, explore it as much as possible to bring in new business.

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