Another 5 Must-Haves for an Orthodontic Website

In the last post, you learned the first five must-haves for an orthodontic website in order to build a site with impressive design and navigation. These next five essentials will teach you the importance of valuable content, blogging, and more for your orthodontic site.

1. Educate Current and Prospective Patients

Websites are a resource for users to gain information on more topics than just a company’s products and services. In an orthodontist’s case, your site needs to educate patients about all things regarding teeth alignment. Use your patient personas to determine what your audience wants to know, then answer their general concerns or questions.

For example, you could offer material on what to expect before, during, and after having braces. Prospective patients will use this info as insight on what’s to come, while current patients can utilize it as solutions to any issues that may arise. Your content needs to be valuable, and offering educational information will not only prepare patients for their treatment, but also ensure they have a successful experience with their braces or Invisalign.

2. Create a Blog

Having a blog allows you to publish unique content that can differentiate you from your competitors. Similar to social media, blogs play a large role in your branding. The articles you publish can be specific to your individual practice, or on any orthodontic-related topic. Either way it serves as an informative resource for current and prospective patients.

Blog posts also increase your SEO by allowing for more opportunities to be found through search engines. This is a smart method of attracting new people to your site, as long as your content contains orthodontic-related keywords that the general public search for.

3. Include Testimonials

Having braces is a lengthy process; therefore, it’s important for patients to know they are in good hands before they begin. Including testimonials on your page will give patients insight on other people’s experiences with you and your staff, which may serve as a deciding factor in choosing an orthodontist.

Along with testimonials, showcasing before and after photos of your patients gives visual proof of your success stories. Seeing smile transformations from people that prospective patients can relate to is extremely persuasive. These two components combined will be very beneficial for your brand reputation and attracting new prospects.

4. Vary Your Content

To captivate your audience, your website should include content beyond plain text. Visual content grabs the attention of readers, so use images to relay messages or to persuade them to click to a different page. Incorporate video into your website as well. Users may be more willing to watch a short informative video than read a small paragraph containing the same information. Varying your content is also visually appealing and adds to the design of your site.

5. Link Your Social Media Accounts

Last but not least, giving your prospects other platforms to find you on encourages them to learn more about your orthodontic practice. Your social media also serves as another place for patients to get in contact with you. Add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn pages to your contact page to provide different ways for you and your patients to communicate, and to show you are a modern business.

These five must-haves, combined with the previous five, will ultimately enhance your online presence. Also, they will allow your website to serve as a strong resource for your patients, while attracting new prospects through impressive design, navigation and content.

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