E1.33 | AlignFlow: Dynamic Treatment Optimization

Michael Gassman, President and CEO of AlignFlow discusses the virtual care platform that helps doctors make clear aligner treatments less complicated for their patients and more profitable for their practice. 

Featured guest

Michael Gassman | President and CEO, AlignFlow


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“There’s an app for that.” We hear it all the time. There’s an app that tells you when you need to buy more milk or eggs, one that helps people with colorblindness, and another that tracks the position of the sun at any time throughout the year.

Now there is an app that helps patients track their treatment progress and makes communication with their orthodontists easy and convenient. Learn how Alignflow can benefit both your patients and your practice.

Key Takeaways
  • The benefits of using AlignFlow for practices and patients
  • How to start using AlignFlow
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