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Richie Guerzon goes over several marketing touchpoints, and gives advice to viewers on new patient acquisition

E1.01 | Success by Touchpoints: New Patient Acquisition Step by Step

Richie Guerzon, co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine, talks about marketing touchpoints and how important it is to connect…


Leveraging SmileDirectClub’s Crisis for Practice Growth

Play Video Uncover practice growth opportunities amidst SmileDirectClub’s reputation crisis. Learn effective strategies to differentiate with personalized care,…

Why Orthodontists Need a CRM

Play Video Richie Guerzon, co-founder of Ortho Sales Engine, highlights the costly mistake of neglecting a CRM system.…

Top 10 Reasons to Start Blogging

10 MIN

Learn the 10 most important reasons a simple blog can lead to more patients and improved case acceptance rate for your practice.

10 Signs Your Practice Needs a New Website

12 MIN

We identify the top 10 problem areas a website could have to help you determine if your practice is in need of an upgrade.

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