8 Things Orthodontists Should Blog About

You know blogging is an integral part of marketing your orthodontic practice, which is why you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen or sheet of paper. Providing informative, quality content to your patients and prospects on a regular basis is hard, especially when you don’t even know where to begin. Here are 8 relevant topics to get your orthodontic blog started.


  1. New employees – Did you just add a new employee to your practice? Why not introduce them to your readers? You can provide information about their experience, why they love working in orthodontics, or even some fun facts about them. The best part about this type of blog is it essentially writes itself. Have your new employees answer some questions about themselves when they start and, with a little formatting, your post is complete.


  1. New/renovated office – Most people get excited about moving to a new house, and your patients may feel the same way about you moving to a new office. Be sure to include plenty of photos of the construction and finished project, and make it clear when and where your new or renovated office will be open for business.


  1. New technology – Orthodontics is constantly changing for the better. As you add new technology to your practice, share the news, explain how it will allow you to provide better treatment, and encourage your readers to come see it in action.


  1. Common questions – In seeing patients on a daily basis, your orthodontic team most likely hears some of the same questions over and over: “What can I eat?” “How long will I have braces?” “What should I do if something comes loose?” Answering these questions in a blog post, or a series of posts, provides useful information for your current patients and helps you become an expert in the eyes of potential patients.


  1. Types of treatment – There are many ways to help people straighten their teeth, some of which people may not be familiar with. Familiarize your readers with the options available and discuss which ones work best in certain situations. This topic can also be covered in a series of posts, with one post covering one type of treatment.


  1. How to take care of braces – From how to brush and floss to what to eat or avoid eating, people with new braces, Invisalign, or a retainer need guidance to ensure their treatment goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Covering all the dos and don’ts for orthodontic treatment can fill several posts.


  1. Putting braces on/taking them off – For most people, having orthodontic treatment only happens once, so the entire process is often very foreign to them. Talking about how to find the right orthodontist, what to expect when someone has braces put on or taken off, and describing the entire process in general should come natural to you and can easily be split up into separate posts.


  1. How to afford braces – This is a biggie for anyone considering orthodontic treatment. Any information you can provide about how your practice makes braces more affordable will be welcomed by your readers and may help convince them that treatment (at your practice) will fit into their budget.


Obviously there are many other subjects to cover in your orthodontic blog, these are just a few that should almost write themselves. The key to blogging is to continue to provide useful information to your readers, which these topics will do.


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