Here are 8 orthodontic marketing strategies your company should be using.

8 Orthodontic Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Using

Your new patients are out there, and you’re going to bring them in! Every orthodontic practice can benefit from trying out new marketing strategies to gain new patients. Here are some of the most essential orthodontic marketing strategies your practice should be using.

1. Blog Consistently

Establishing a blog and keeping up with a routine posting schedule is one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies for orthodontic practices. By posting helpful blogs with information about orthodontics, you can continue to educate current patients and establish trust with non-patients. Using blogs strategically with targeted SEO keywords and link-building strategies also helps people to find your website in the first place for more searches, elevating your visibility.

2. Use SEO to Educate

Speaking of SEO, your page should be filled with headlines, product and service descriptions, and other content that communicate the heart and soul of your orthodontic practice while integrating the right keywords. Make sure your messaging is clear and includes your target market location frequently.

3. Build an Email List

When people find your website through strategic SEO implementation and blogging, you should make it easy to find a sign-up list for emails. You can also provide incentives to get people to sign up for emails, such as getting a helpful brochure through email.

4. Send Effective Emails

When a potential patient signs up for email, you should segment them into a list based on what they indicated they are interested in. Be sure to create targeted email campaigns that are relevant to their interests so they feel personalized rather than spammy.

5. Be Seen and Interact with Patients on Social Media

Social media is a massive way to gain visibility among your potential patients. It’s also very helpful that social media is an interactive platform, giving you a chance to engage and build relationships with potential patients. You can also use social media as another great source for reviews, such as Facebook recommendations.

6. Create Contests

Putting in little effort to win a prize? Sign me up! Contests create compelling incentives for non-patients to do some marketing work for you. By offering a prize for people who tag a friend on Instagram, provide contact info, or stop by your office, you can sit back and watch your visibility grow.

7. Create a Call List

Somewhat old-fashioned, but highly effective if done right, calling leads can be a quick route to creating new patients. Phone calls are most effective when you have a warm lead, especially if you were able to gather some information from them. If you follow up offering to provide more information or a promotional price on a treatment they inquired about, they will likely be pleasantly surprised and see more of a reason to choose your practice.

8. Use a Chat Feature

Having a chat feature orthodontic patients and prospects can use to quickly get answers to questions is one of the best newer marketing strategies you can implement. It’s incredibly convenient and creates a positive experience helps your practice stand out. By providing information in real time, you can provide answers before competing practices, making it more likely the potential patient will choose your practice.

Your new patients are just around the corner. Introduce these strategies into your marketing and watch your sales grow!