5 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website

As an orthodontic office looking to gain new patients, you should always be finding ways to get more traffic to your orthodontic website. As more people discover practice online, you can expect to see more people walk through your doors for appointments. Here are some of the best ways to boost web traffic to your orthodontic website.

Blog Content

One of the best ways to improve your organic search rankings on Google and other search engine sites is to consistently post new blog content. Keep your blog relevant to your orthodontic practice and focus on quality content that gives readers real value while directing them to your orthodontic practice. Include some keywords and a couple links to other parts of your website in your blog content, but focus on making your content enjoyable to read. Another key element to making your blogs effective in boosting web traffic is posting regularly, such as once or twice every week.

Maintain Your Website

While getting your orthodontic website off the ground is a big step, you’ll need to make sure you update your website whenever significant changes happen, such as an added service, new location, or seasonally for promotions. Stagnant websites aren’t seen as favorable for Google search rankings, so updating your website from time to time will help your SEO.

Post Video Content

Whether it’s directly on your website or on a video hosting site like Youtube, video content is always a good way to provide strong marketing for your practice while boosting your SEO. Most search engines, most notably Google, automatically give webpages higher priority if they contain video content. You’ll likely notice this when you search for a topic and find Youtube search results are propelled to the top if their titles are a good match for the search terms. When you post on video hosting sites, you can also post links in the description to parts of your website, which further strengthens your website’s domain authority.

Social Media

If you use social media strategically and post engaging content on a regular basis, your following can grow pretty quickly. One of the best ways to leverage your social media followings to your advantage is by reposting blog content or posting promotional content that includes clickable links. By doing this, you will give your website a great deal of exposure and put it in a good position for increased web traffic.


When you gather email addresses from your warm leads, be sure to segment them into relevant lists, then quickly follow up. Your emails can vary widely in their content based on the type of lead you gathered, but they should all include links to your website. Ideally, the link you include should be relevant to what you know your lead is interested in. For instance, if they showed interest in starting a treatment with Invisalign, include a link to your Invisalign page in addition to your appointment request form.

By using these and other effective SEO strategies, you can start to see increases in your web traffic and more new patients.

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