Being a good orthodontist

5 Signs of a Good Orthodontist

Aside from credentials, there are numerous ways to promote yourself as a strong practice. Here are some tips on how to incorporate signs of being a good orthodontist both inside and outside the office.

  1. Feature Happy, Smiling Faces on Social Media

As orthodontists, you specialize in creating beautiful smiles. Make sure your social media reflects that. Social media holds is a great place to show your strengths as an orthodontist to current and prospective patients. It serves as insight on what a potential patient’s experience would be like.

Having friendly, personal connections with your patients is an appealing attribute of a practice. Post photos of you smiling with your patients or create patient appreciation posts featuring their new smiles. In addition, attach a testimonial from the patient. This way, two signs of being a good orthodontist are given in one post.

  1. Highlight Energetic Office Environment

Another sign of a good orthodontist is a close-knit, supportive staff. Orthodontists should aim to portray their values and office atmosphere through their social media platforms. Use social media as a fun, expressive outlet for photos and videos of your employees together.

For example, post daily happenings around the office on Snapchat or Instagram Stories. Or, do employee appreciation posts similar to how you would for a patient. Use this as an opportunity to share fun facts about your employees, in addition to their background, education and credentials.  

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  1. Showcase Patient Testimonials on Website

Most prospective patients are going to look to current patients for their experiences before signing on with you. Including patient testimonials on your page makes it much easier for prospective patients to find the information they’re seeking, while also shining a positive light on your practice.

For patients, orthodontic treatment is more than getting a new smile, it’s gaining a new-found confidence. Your website needs to show before and after photos of your patients’ smile transformations. Visual proof will be most effective in conveying your ability to not only change a smile, but boost their self-esteem as well.

  1. Share Awards or Positive Media Attention

If outside organizations are recognizing you for being a top practice, don’t assume potential patients will find that information on their own. Share the news on your website and social media accounts.

A practice doesn’t need to win established awards to be considered good. Receiving words of praise from patients through their personal social media is equally beneficial. For example, if a patient tweets out a photo of their new smile and tags your practice, make sure you retweet the post and respond with your appreciation for them. What demonstrates a good practice is taking the extra step to share any accolades you may receive on your own media platforms.

  1. Be Involved with Your Community

Community events are the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart from surrounding orthodontists. With each competitor offering similar services, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Good orthodontists realize the value of being an active member of their community. Not only will it increase your word of mouth marketing, but it portrays service as a core value of your practice.

Branding is an important aspect of being a strong orthodontist. Incorporating community service into your brand will send a supportive message to both current and prospective patients.

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