E1.27 | 40 Years and 40 Days in 40 Minutes

Dr. Stevens shares his thoughts about the field of orthodontics after not having been able to see his patients in person for over 40 days due to the COVID-19 crisis. Clarke also shares personal experiences and discusses what he has learned from more than 40 years in private practice. A must watch!

Featured Guest

Dr. Clarke Stevens | Owner, Braces Omaha & Founder, WildSmiles Braces



Braces have been evolving for centuries, from the metal bands and catgut used by the ancient Egyptians to the tortuous headgear that gave kids nightmares about getting their teeth straightened. Even today, orthodontic treatment continues to change at a rapid pace. 

The last 40 years have seen so many changes for the better when it comes to patient care and convenience—clear aligners, 3D scanners, online chat, using social media for marketing and virtual consults.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the most important thing in life and orthodontics
  • Learn what the most effective orthodontic marketing is, according to Dr. Stevens.
  • Find out ways to improve office culture for staff and patients


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